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Sci-fi drama ‘Circle’ premieres on tvN with Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo

When I think of Kdramas, sci-fi sounds like a distant term as I haven’t seen many cases where the dramas have adopted this genre. The only proper example that I can think of is Joseon X-Files aka Secret Investigation Records. Yes, there have been aliens in some shows but then I would rather put them in fantasy genre than sci-fi. The upcoming tvN drama Circle definitely looks grand, experimental and something totally brand new as far as Kdramas are concerned. It is divided into two time periods — one set in present 2017 and the other in future 2037. And there is alien invasion as well! Continue reading

Kim Hee Ae is ‘Mrs. Cop’ for new SBS drama


Kim Hee Ae is an actress I really want to watch in something but all her dramas are not my cup of tea — the recent ones like A Wife’s Credentials or Secret Love Affair. Yay that now I’ll be finally seeing her act as her upcoming drama Mrs. Cop seems to be ticking all boxes I want in a drama with central theme of police investigation. For Continue reading