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REVIEW: Was It Love? (2020)

The good thing about Was It Love is that it’s a very easy watch without any emotional investment. Well, it’s subjective if not being emotionally involved can be a good thing. It’s rare that I don’t feel anything after watching a show and this drama falls in that category. Continue reading

So Ji Sub returns with MBC spy comedy ‘Terius Behind Me’, Jung In Sun costars

I really like So Ji Sub, having seen his handsomeness and comedy chops in Master’s Sun and Oh My Venus. The actor is making a small screen comeback with new MBC drama Terius Behind Me after three years. It is a spy comedy where he plays, well, a spy (natch). But the story sounds pretty interesting. He plays a former black ops agent who gets involved with a neighbour, a Continue reading

Dual time travel in ‘Go Back Spouses’ on KBS with Jang Na Ra and Sohn Ho Joon

Time travel is slowly becoming a stale genre, for me at least, as a number of dramas have already adopted it, with mixed results. Queen In Hyun’s Man, Dr. Jin, Faith, Nine, Marry Him If You Dare, Rooftop Prince, Operation Proposal, Tomorrow With You, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and latest ones — Manhole, Tunnel and Live Up To Your Name. I actually enjoy the trope (I ♥ Back To The Future) and there is so much that can be mined through it, be it fish-out-of-water comedy, or high stakes romance or even mystery. But we all know, too much chocolates can even bore a chocoholic. Continue reading

Kim Hee Ae is ‘Mrs. Cop’ for new SBS drama


Kim Hee Ae is an actress I really want to watch in something but all her dramas are not my cup of tea — the recent ones like A Wife’s Credentials or Secret Love Affair. Yay that now I’ll be finally seeing her act as her upcoming drama Mrs. Cop seems to be ticking all boxes I want in a drama with central theme of police investigation. For Continue reading

Jung Eun Ji confirmed to star opposite Ji Hyun Woo in ‘Trot Lovers’


And now I’m happy as a clam with the confirmation of the leading lady to romance Ji Hyun Woo in his new music based drama Trot Lovers. Jung Eun Ji of APink and Answer Me 1997 has joined the cast to play the hard-working and determined heroine who is obsessed with trot music. She has to put her nose to the grindstone in order to support Continue reading