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It’s such an awesome feeling when I find myself cheering for Nora each week. Her gradual realisation that she lost her identity in all these years and then gaining it back bit by bit is a gratifying experience. It’s true that she is also responsible for completely forgetting herself after marriage but it’s also a fact that her husband ignored her completely. He never acted like someone who cherished her. And so it is heartening to see her getting so giddy and surprised when a man does a normal courteous behaviour, same way as Hyun Suk got surprised. My favorite scene last week was of course the poignant moment between Nora and her son, which showed that he too cares for her. I agree that children at that age are a bit mean but well, he went too far in showing his annoyance with her. But now I’m a happy camper that he is changing his attitude and seeing that his mom is also a person. Seeing Woo Chul getting smitten by her dance performance (just like the way in the past) and then getting jealous — I wonder if it’s love or just the feeling that he wants everything.

As much as I want the romance to start between Nora and Hyun Suk, I’m ready for the drama to give an open ending. It has always been the uplifting journey of Nora more than anything for me here but my heart wants Hyun Suk and Nora to be together! But I will be okay if they don’t end up as a couple but do have a hope for their future. Now if the show tries to pull the rug from under our feet and makes Nora and her husband reunite, I would go ballistic! I’m so happy that in the end of episode 10, Nora realises that there was no love in her marriage — a great way to portray that by her remembering the times when she never questioned about Woo Chul’s affair or that she didn’t tell him about her illness (at the time she thought she was sick).

We have got a bonus folks — as there are not one but two previews for episode 11. I can’t say enough how much grumpy face I make when I don’t get any previews after end of each week’s episodes. LOL. So it looks like Hyun Suk will try to distance himself from Nora  and act as cupid as he thinks she loves her husband and is in the dark regarding her divorce. But we can also see an accidental hug — squeeeeeee! So finally the ball will start rolling as far as romantic feelings are concerned. Better late than never! It looks like Yi Jin will also find out about Nora and Woo Chul’s relation.


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