Daily drama ‘Heaven’s Promise’ starts tomorrow


Wow. This one looks like pure makjang! The newest daily drama on KBS is Heaven’s Promise and it is a revenge saga about a woman who takes up the identity of her sister. It stars Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here!) in a double role as she plays twin sisters where one of them, Na Yeon, is dating a guy (played by Seo Joon Young of Super Daddy Yeol fame) who is from poor background. But the latter breaks up his relationship with her in order to marry a rich girl (Park Ha Na, Apgujeong Midnight Sun). This somehow leads to Na Yeon’s death and so her sister Do Hee (also played by Lee Yoo Ri), who is a reporter, takes up her identity and also meets Song Jong Ho‘s character, who is successor of the same company which belong’s to Park Ha Na’s grandfather. The drama’s plot also has some convoluted story regarding the older generation of characters. But no surprises here as it is part and parcel of a makjang drama.

The show will reunite Lee Yoo Ri and Seo Joon Young as they worked together in disappointing tvN show Super Daddy Yeol. Heaven’s Promise is slated for about 100 episodes and will air from Monday to Friday. The PD has many drama specials in his filmography with Fugitive Of Joseon and Ohlala Couple also in the list. The posters look pretty dramatic but are of true makjang fashion. For those who are new to dramaland, makjang means shows which have outrageous and over-the-top plots and they have the ability to keep the viewers hooked even if everything is ridiculous and annoying.



10 thoughts on “Daily drama ‘Heaven’s Promise’ starts tomorrow

  1. Timescout

    Run away… run away…

    I think I started to get hives just by reading the synopsis (severe makjang allergy attack). XD No matter how far and deep I ponder upon it, I’ll never understand why these are so popular.

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…ya…these shows make full use of their long length to slowly reveal everything and hence, us getting annoyed 🙂
      I don’t know if it’s getting subbed…but since it’s a KBS show, it’s likely to get subbed faster than other network dramas…I think missienelly can help you on this as she is a huge fan of dailies!


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