Seo In Guk and Sooyoung pair up for OCN’s ‘Police Unit 38’

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I love Seo In Guk and I love Sooyoung and so I’m full of the joys of spring with the news that they will star together in upcoming OCN drama Police Unit 38. The show will also star veteran actor Ma Dong Suk. It will be a romance-comedy-crime drama that centers around a team that goes after tax evaders using all means necessary. The tax evasion department joins hands with a con artist to catch and collect tax from those who cause huge tax scams.

Seo In Guk stars as the said con artist and swindler who is charming, sexy and smart — he is perfect for this role. Sooyoung will play a civil servant who is very principled. It is needless to say that the clash of personalities of the two leads will result in some funny scenarios and of course romance at some point. Ma Dong Suk will take the role of the righteous chief of the said department. I’m so excited for this drama it’s not even funny. I’ve always loved Seo In Guk in all his roles, the latest being in I Remember You. It’s great that Sooyoung is doing a comedy after her last melodrama My Spring Days. She instantly won my heart in Dating Agency Cyrano and I can’t wait for Police Unit 38. Both actors have shown great chemistry before with their costars and hence, I’m expecting a terrific one from these two. Fingers crossed!

Police Unit 38 is written by the screenwriter of Bad Guys and both seasons of Vampire Prosecutor. It will be directed by the PD of Hidden Identity and Bad Guys. Defintely a strong team behind the camera. It is slated to air from June.

5 thoughts on “Seo In Guk and Sooyoung pair up for OCN’s ‘Police Unit 38’

  1. Blue

    Goooosh, just when I was asking you about I Remember You… I guess you enjoyed it. I’m pleasantly surprised myself at Seo In-Guk, he’s slowly winning me as a fan, so this one is definitely on my Watch List!

    1. snow Post author

      I already liked him a lot since Answer Me 1997…then he was good in Master’s Sun but I fell in love after High School King Of Savvy.
      I really liked I Remember You a lot…he was so good in that one too 🙂 and the bromance is amazing!

      1. Blue

        There’s is so much love for the AM series on the blogosphere, I must start one I guess. Didn’t watch MS (not my kinda stuff) but I def want to check out HSKoS!


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