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New Korean Dramas: September 2020

New month, new premieres. Certain premieres from last month had been postponed and hence Zombie Detective and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will be starting in September. Also, a few JTBC shows have been delayed and yet to confirm their premiere date. All in all, September is bringing the following Korean dramas to our screens. Continue reading

News Bites: Korean Dramas — 27 June 2020

I think the latest news is chock full of script readings! Which also gives me an opportunity to talk about shows that I missed posting when their casting was announced. News Bites is a segment where latest news of Korean Dramas will be discussed at a common place. So let’s dive into the latest tidbits of dramaland! Continue reading

JTBC brings romantic melodrama ‘The Wind Blows’ this week with Kam Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul

JTBC is known for bringing quality content in dramaland and hence, despite a premise that is done many time before — reunion of a separated couple — there is hope that the new show The Wind Blows will be something different and quality-wise good. It stars Kam Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul as a couple who meets after 6 years since their divorce. They were happily married but the husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and hence, in order to not make his wife suffer, he divorces her. Continue reading

Romantic melodrama ‘On the Way To The Airport’ arrived on KBS this week


Has this ever happened to you that you want to watch a drama because you loved its title? Well, it’s certainly a first for me. I really liked the name of the new show on KBS — On The Way To The Airport — it sounds very poetic, different, like an incomplete story, and then mix it with the moody, beautiful posters featuring a forest area with the leads — the combination resulted in me deciding to give this show a try. It just Continue reading