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The most exciting thing about upcoming drama The Man Living in Our House is that it marks the return of Soo Ae to romantic comedies — her last drama being light and cute was 9 End 2 Outs (An underrated show which I really liked. Her chemistry with Lee Jung Jin was amazing and it had that lovely premise of best friends-turned-lovers.) and that came in 2007! She has done mostly melodramas since then (A Thousand Days’ Promise, Queen Of Ambition, Mask) and an action thriller (Athena: Goddess Of War). Yay that now she is doing a comedy and light-hearted show which stars Kim Young Kwang opposite her. I don’t really have an opinion about him but he was likeable in Pinocchio. The drama also stars Lee Soo Hyuk (I like him a lot!), Jo Bo Ah (recently seen in long melo Monster) and Kim Ji Hoon (loved him in Flower Boy Next Door).

The Man Living in Our House is based on a webtoon and is a story about a flight attendant who comes back to her house after her mother’s death. There she meets a stranger who is a young man and claims to be her stepfather. The premise is odd but something which can be really funny to watch. It takes over the Monday-Tuesday slot on KBS from next week. That slot has been very successful with last drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds being the winner in ratings. Let’s see how this one performs.

The promotional material looks cute and fun. Can’t wait to watch Soo Ae being adorable and cute!

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