Melodrama ‘Night Light’ with Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won and UEE premieres tomorrow


I really liked Jin Goo when I first saw him in Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek in 2013. It didn’t get good ratings and the reviews were just average, including my own. He mainly did films and then this year he received huge popularity due to megahit drama Descendants Of The Sun. He is back with a new drama titled Night Light and well, it looks like an unconventional choice. The drama looks like a makjang melodrama of games of power and money and more suited for a daily soap or a weekend drama rather than a prime time slot. Even the posters are giving that vibe. But then I’m actually interested in checking it out as it is different among the various dramas we have seen this year and I like the cast, so yes, Night Light is making me curious about it.

Jin Goo plays a chaebol heir, Lee Yo Won (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi) plays his first love who has now become a cold businesswoman. UEE (High Society) plays a girl born in poor family but with high ambitions. Night Light will showcase the struggle of these characters through power and love.

Night Light is helmed by the PD of My Spring Days and I Miss You, and penned by the screenwriter of Last and Temptation. It starts airing tomorrow on MBC, taking the Monday-Tuesday slot from A Woman With A Suitcase.


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4 thoughts on “Melodrama ‘Night Light’ with Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won and UEE premieres tomorrow

  1. Mitta

    Probably a no for me too unless I’m starved for dramas. Not a big fan of UEE but did like Jin Goo in DotS and his guest role in Falling for Innocence.

    1. snow Post author

      Oh I forgot about his guest appearance in Falling For Innocence! He was really good in it. I liked UEE in Hogu’s Love but haven’t seen LYW in anything.


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