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I hope it doesn’t sound like a broken record when I say I’m not a sageuk fan. But I do give them a try once in a while if they garner my attention for one reason or the other. Usually it’s the fusion sageuk aka historical drama with modern elements that makes me interested. I recently watched Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and looks like I’m going to add one more in my micro-list — Hwarang: The Beginning, the new drama for KBS. It is fully pre-produced and it’s giving a youthful, light vibe so far.

The show is set in a 1500 years old era , in the Silla dynasty and consists of a huge star cast. It is about a group of young men being trained to become warriors. The group has Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty) as a fearless warrior, Park Hyung Shik (High Society) as the king disguised as a trainee, Do Ji Han (Basketball) as the cold one, Minho (of pop group SHINee, recently seen in Because It’s The First Time), Jo Yoon Woo (the cute Ahrang from Dating Agency Cyrano) and V (of pop group BTS). Go Ara (Reply 1994) is our leading lady who plays a candy character — the hard-working girl doing all kinds of part-time jobs to make ends meet.

I like the cast (so much pretty!) and the premise looks just the kind that I enjoy in sageuks (*Sungkyunkwan Scandal feel*, bromance, cute, romance, adventure). Hwarang: The Beginning will air on Mondays and Tuesdays and follows The Man Living In Our House. It will have to face strong competition from Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim which is receiving very high ratings in this time slot. The writer for the sageuk has written many drama specials and the PD has helmed shows like The King’s Face, You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and Bridal Mask.



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