2016: Year In Review



Wow. It’s unbelievable that this is my fifth year-end-review! I still remember the time when I used to start a blog, then delete it and then start again, only to delete it again. Then one day I found the real joy and love for writing, with my own style and signature in my posts and then came the origin of The Drama Corner in 2013. I’m equally happy and surprised that the blog will complete 4 years this February. My first yearly review was for the year 2012 and I think 2016 is the year when I couldn’t manage to watch a lot of dramas even though I wanted to — some were dropped and some are still waiting in line to get started. Yes, the year was busy on personal front, which reflected on the frequency of posts here. I’m just glad that I still managed to watch some dramas and even loved some of them to varying degrees.

I’m categorising the dramas as the ones I watched, the ones I dropped and finally, the ones I just started. There are many 2016 dramas that I’m planning to check out — Drinking Solo, Oh Hae Young Again, Beautiful Mind, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Night Light and Second To Last Love.

Among the shows that I watched, I have given grade to each drama which shows how much I loved that show. A+ gets most love, then A, A-, B+,B, B- and so on.

In alphabetical order

Age Of Youth


This is hands down my favorite drama of the year. Thoughtful, low-key, realistic, deep, poignant, youthful drama with a terrific ensemble cast and indie-feel. The drama showcases the struggles and growth of the protagonists. There is light humour as well as darkness to it. But my favourite part is of course the female friendship and bonds it beautifully paints in its canvas.

Grade: A+



A very easy watch (if you can manage to ignore the annoying villain and office politics) which initially made me sad for not treating its romance the way I wanted it to but later made me happy with the end result, feeling giddy for the main couple. I liked the side characters a lot and Park Shin Hye played a spunky heroine who I loved. I never got bored in the hospital scenes and case-of-the-week. But the drama never manages to grab you beyond surface.

Grade: B+

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds


Sageuk is not my go-to genre but fusion sageuks are something that interest me. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds has just the right type and amount of ingredients that I needed to get hooked — cute, romance, fun, bromance! The plot of cross-dressed heroines has been done to death but the show brings a refreshing touch by making our heroine disguised as a eunuch. It’s a well-directed show with a good pace. But as the drama progressed, the palace politics bored me like anything. Park Bo Gum is mesmerizing and absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥.

Grade: A

Shopping King Louis


The main couple reminds you of two puppies playing in the rain. They are so cute and adorable and sweet that they can give you cavity. The drama is silly but fun. I love that almost everyone is harmless and not totally negative, with bad guys being funny. The cast has great camaraderie and Seo In Guk is love. There is some unnecessary angst but the humour and characters make it a delightful watch.

Grade: A



Easily one of the best dramas of 2016, Signal is the show which makes your brain to exercise a lot throughout its run. The acting is top-notch and writing is brilliant, with each and every detail well thought out. Time travel gets another colour, as does the bromance. So much heart and so many thrills. Jo Jin Woong is ♥

Grade: A+

Dramas that I dropped: Cheese In The Trap, Descended From The Sun, Legend Of The Blue Sea, One More Happy Ending, W-Two Worlds, Uncontrollably Fond, Police Unit 38, Entertainer, Come Back Ajusshi, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Dramas I’m currently watching: Goblin, 1% Of Anything

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10 thoughts on “2016: Year In Review

  1. Kay

    Shopping King Louie was my favorite drama of the year. So funny and adorable! Of course, Signal was fantastic and I really liked Moonlight Drawn By Clouds too. It was a really good drama year 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      My favorite was Age Of Youth! But then the ones you mentioned were great for one reason or the other. I do hope to watch more shows in 2017…
      Happy New Year Kay 🙂

  2. kfangurl

    Heh. I DO remember you creating & deleting blogs, snow! I even remember your initial screen name, and how confused I was when you changed it! 😆 Time sure flies, I can’t believe I wrote my 5th year-in-review post too!

    You had a good drama year, considering how busy you were – you watched a good number of excellent dramas, some of which I’m still trying to make time to catch up on. I’m not feeling Louis, 3 eps in, and am wondering whether to keep going.

    Other than that, I hafta say you were smart to drop all of those shows. I’m still enjoying Legend of the Blue Sea though. It took me about 6 eps to get on board, but now I’m finding it a fun watch 😊

    Here’s to another great drama year for us all! 😊

    1. snow Post author

      hahaha…I remember the time when both of us started our blog…time flies like anything!
      Give some more time to Louis…I’m sure you’ll like it more as the drama progresses.
      I dropped LOBS after 3-4 episodes…not any particular reason but maybe I was not feeling much about the mermaid character…and I couldn’t find rules related to her fantasy element.
      Kudos to you for watching so many shows (and completing some which were not good 😉 )…and writing so many reviews!

      Happy New Year!!

  3. Caitlyn (@miss_kayti)

    Happy 4 years, snow! I’m fairly sure I’ve been reading your blog for a lot of that time, it’s amazing how time has flown.

    Everything you said about Doctors, Moonlight and Louis is exactly spot-on, and I never got around to watching Age of Youth but I know I’ll enjoy it if i start it. Out of your dropped list, I watched the entirety of most of them, but W definitely deserved a drop. I’m amazed I lasted until episode 12, lol. I’m enjoying Mermaid but i’m not surprised people dropped it early. Really, Doctors should have been a drop drama as well except it was surprisingly good for a drama that had no real plot, lol

    1. snow Post author

      Yep! You are one of my oldest and dearest drama/blogger friend 🙂
      You should watch AOY Caitlyn! And it’s only 12 episodes long….so easy…hehe
      Mermaid had something that wasn’t really working for me even though it was not bad overall…
      You are so right about Doctors! It had everything to drop it but then there was something that made me keep coming back for more…LOL

  4. Shimclover

    Looking forward to your review on Oh Hae Young Again. I like Eric Mun as a Shinhwa member but haven’t seen any of his dramas. I’ve seen some clips of the episodes on youtube and think the chemistry between the OTP works well, but still it doesn’t make me want to watch it straight away

    1. snow Post author

      If you like Eric, I would definitely recommend Que Sera Sera — a very different show for Kdramas but Eric is awesome in it. I really want to watch Oh Hae Young Again…have heard so many good reviews about it!


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