SBS premieres mystery-thriller ‘Defendant’ next week


Why is there this sudden influx of thriller dramas in the new year? Is it because one of the most lauded shows of last year was Signal, a thriller? Well, whatever maybe the reason but I’m interested in all of them. Joining the list (including Missing 9, Voice) is one more show — Defendant. I just hope there is no overdose of thrills! Defendant stars Ji Sung in the lead role and centers around the often used but always exciting plot of wrongly accused hero and his quest to clear his name. I have only seen Ji Sung in Protect The Boss (and some episodes of Entertainer before dropping it like hot potato) but he is outstanding in all his roles and I’m expecting the same here as well.

Ji Sung plays a prosecutor who gets involved in a conspiracy and is blamed as a murderer of his wife and daughter. A fresh spin to this story is the fact that he has lost his memory of last four months and thus can’t fathom what has happened. Costar Eom Ki Joon plays double role — twins, one good and one evil. He will be the main person against whom our hero will fight. He is a chameleon actor who is always awesome and I can’t wait to see the confrontation between these two actors. Kpop group SNSD‘s Yuri plays a public defender who will support the hero.

Defendant is directed by two PDs — one of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, 49 Days and History Of The Salaryman; the other was assistant PD of Six Flying Dragons and You From Another Star. The writing is of screenwriter of shows like City Hunter and I Love You (one of the two writers for both the dramas). Defendant is hitting the airwaves next week as the new Monday-Tuesday drama for SBS, following the rating juggernaut Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.

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4 thoughts on “SBS premieres mystery-thriller ‘Defendant’ next week

  1. Timescout

    Yup, it’s a sudden deluge of thrillers in dramaland.

    I’m definitely going to give this a go too as it looks pretty intriguing. I decided to put off watching Voice till it’s done, it’s pretty grueling and the cliffhangers are sure to give me indigestion. 🙂

      1. Timescout

        No, decidedly not for those faint of heart. The 1st epi starts with a brutal murder and things just sort of escalate (emotionally) from there on. First ep also ends in a serious cliffhanger, but so does the second! If they keep that up, it’ll be a tough journey always having to wait a week to see the resloution. Hence I’m opting out for a controlled dramathon once the whole thing is done.

        Yup, it’s pretty typical high octane drama from the Overly Cruel Network. XD


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