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1% Of Anything was a surprise sleeper hit last year which amassed lots of love for its swoony romance. I do want to check that out as it’s one of the members of my unending list of dramas I need to watch ASAP. The show was initially planned for airing on MBC but later premiered for the first time on Oksusu, which is a mobile app for broadcasting. Then it aired on Dramax. And now Dramax is bringing a new show titled Single Wife which is also its first original drama. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, it is also fully pre-produced.

The synopsis for Single Wife sounds interesting, if also a bit makjang-ish. But the romantic comedy treatment helps in reducing the latter. It stars Uhm Hyun Kyung (she played Uhm Ki Joon‘s wife in Defendant) as a woman who is caught between two men. She is planning to marry a rich second generation chaebol when she finds out that her divorce of first marriage was never legally finalised. Now she is in predicament and wants things to settle down fast. But her ex-husband (or first husband) gets involved in an accident which causes him to lose his memory and now he doesn’t remember that they are no longer a married couple. Well, the plot is surely nothing new with many a film and TV show having this premise of partial amnesia or using it as a device when they run out of ideas, just to bring the main couple together. Now it’s all upto this show to give some new colours to it.

The male cast comprises of Sung Hyuk (My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol) and Kwak Hee Sung (My Sassy Girl). Single Wife seems to go for fun and comedy and light-heartedness, judging from the posters. It plans to have an awesome episode count of only 12 episodes and will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama starting from 23 August.