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Time travel is slowly becoming a stale genre, for me at least, as a number of dramas have already adopted it, with mixed results. Queen In Hyun’s Man, Dr. Jin, Faith, Nine, Marry Him If You Dare, Rooftop Prince, Operation Proposal, Tomorrow With You, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and latest ones — Manhole, Tunnel and Live Up To Your Name. I actually enjoy the trope (I ♥ Back To The Future) and there is so much that can be mined through it, be it fish-out-of-water comedy, or high stakes romance or even mystery. But we all know, too much chocolates can even bore a chocoholic. Hence, I was about to write off upcoming KBS drama Go Back Spouses (aka Go Back Couple) but the fresh layer of both the main leads travelling through time increased my interest. We almost always see only one protagonist doing the time slip but here the whole concept of a couple, constantly fighting and struggling in real life, going back to its youth in the college era, really sounds cool and amusing.

Jang Na Ra (One More Happy Ending, Fated To Love You) and Sohn Ho Joon (Mrs. Cop, Blow Breeze, Answer Me 1994) play titular spouses in their late 30s. Theirs was a love marriage but presently, the relationship is full of conflicts and struggle. He is grappling with job issues while she is a housewife who has lost all her vigour and self-respect. They totally want a divorce! As a result of an earthquake, both mysteriously get transferred to the year 1999, when they first met and were in their 20s. Their memory is intact though. It will be so much fun to see how they deal with life and each other this time when given a chance of a do-over, with perfect knowledge of future events.

I have always liked Jang Na Ra, even though I’m not a fan. She has a very easy-going charm and likeability. And man, she looks so young! I haven’t seen Sohn Ho Joon in anything yet but he looks quite charming in the teasers and stills. The supporting characters include rivals in love in the form of Jang Ki Yong (Liar And His Lover) and Go Bo Kyul (Goblin, Seven Day Queen), and college friends played by Heo Jung Min (Introverted Boss), Jo Hye Jung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), Lee Yi Kyung (School 2013) and Han Bo Reum (Let’s Fight Ghost), plus parents — Kim Mi Kyung (Healer), Kim Byung Ok (Man Who Dies to Live), Lee Byung Joon (Father Is Strange).

Go Back Spouses is created by the PD-writer team of 2016 web series The Sound Of The Heart, based on same named webtoon. It starred Lee Kwang Soo and Jung So Min and garnered much praise. Go Back Spouses looks funny, easy-breezy ride with dash of nostalgia of the 90s. The fantasy rom-com will be broadcasted on Fridays and Saturdays on KBS and premieres this week on 13th October.