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A new family weekend drama is here and it’s titled Shall We Live Together. It marks the return of Han Ji Hye (Sweet 18, May Queen) to dramaland after 4 years while stars weekend drama favorite Lee Sang Woo (20th Century Boy and Girl) opposite her. They both play doctors. She plays a daughter whose father raised all four children as single dad. Then one day he decides to get married to a super rich woman. Lee Sang Woo stars as a man who worked abroad and now returns to Korea. He is inspired by his father who always placed work over family. The drama will explore various relationships and growth of various characters as they come together. The drama comes from the writer of Bluebird’s House and Tomorrow Cantabile. It is helmed by the PD of daily First Love and weekend sageuk King Geunchogo.

I found Han Ji Hye really cute and likeable in 2004’s Sweet 18. I have yet to see any Lee Sang Woo drama but have read only good things about him. Shall We Live Together looks light-hearted with charming leads. It premieres tomorrow on KBS.