Jung Jae Young and Jung Yoo Mi headline MBC’s ‘Investigation Couple’

The new MBC drama Investigation Couple sounds more like an OCN show as it is about two people from different backgrounds joining forces to catch criminals. But maybe being an MBC show, it will have less dark, gory presentation. Powerhouse actor Jung Jae Young, mainly a movie actor (Someone SpecialWelcome to Dongmakgol) but he has also done dramas in recent years (Duel, Assembly), plays an experienced forensic doctor at National Forensic Service who has an eccentric and fussy persona. Jung Yoo Mi of Bravo My Life and Six Flying Dragons fame plays a warm-hearted prosecutor with a photographic memory. They join hands to catch a serial killer. The plot has elements that have been done to death in dramaland, be it the opposite personalities and respective traits or the main plot of a serial killer. Hence, what makes this show worth watching is the ace leading man. And of course, a slick, fast execution can make a great impact.

Investigation Couple started this week as a Monday-Tuesday drama competing against Miracle That We Met (in its last few episodes), recently started Wok Of Love and upcoming tvN romance About Time. It is penned by the writers of Cinderella And Four Knights and helmed by the PD of Soulmate and Ruler: Master of the Mask.

6 thoughts on “Jung Jae Young and Jung Yoo Mi headline MBC’s ‘Investigation Couple’

  1. Timescout

    Ummmm… I watched the fist two (mini)episodes and my 1st impression wasn’t very positive. The lady prosecutor was kinda eager beaver dumb. I really did some eyerolling there. JJY’s forensic doctor on the other hand was a bit ott and too shouty. The thing is, I just recently watched a jdrama with a similar premise, it even had it’s own grumpy doctor, ha. I have to say that even the start of Unnatural was much better. 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Hahha…oh then you might get an overdose…better keep it for a later watch in case it gets positive review 😉

  2. NewKDramaAddict

    Contrast, I thought it was decent. Jung Jae Young’s character definitely has a back story. Jung Yoo Mi’s character is definitely that of a growing up privileged rich woman but without the nastiness. Now, the graphic content is such I’ve never seen on a prime time network show. EVER! I believe people will be really surprised. I also like that there will be no unnecessary romance between the two leads (thank goodness)! The concentration will be on the cases at hand and I must say this first case was a DOOZY! Graphic! Made me turn my head several times and very, very sad! Eager as she was to win this case, I would have been too!! If you’re into medical/legal dramas, I think its worth a shot. This is now my daughter’s SECOND drama watch! Like me, she’s not into romance so she’s happily watching with me!

    1. snow Post author

      So great that you are watching dramas with your daughter!
      That’s suprising that it has graphic content considering it’s being aired on one of the big 3 networks.
      Thanks for the first impressions…might watch it 🙂

  3. summer

    I really love this drama series and can’t wait to see the following episodes. I am a big fan of Mr. Jung Jae Young and had watched most of his films. He’s really a great actor and seems to be very humble and private person..Try watching “Duel” as well- awesome story,twist and great casts . 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      I have sadly never seen any of his works as I watch dramas more than the movies and hence, did not get a chance.
      Thanks Summer for the recommendation…I will surely give a try to Duel.


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