Hwang Jung Eum makes a comeback through ‘Handsome Guy and Jung Eum’ and reunites with Nam Goong Min

Hwang Jung Eum is one of those actresses who has consistently given

lots of hit dramas and regularly appears in them. Secret, Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty, etc. It feels that she works really hard and passionately towards her craft but sometimes the energy can be too much for some viewers (including me) and it veers into overacting territory, mostly in comedic scenes. I did like her in She Was Pretty during the subtle scenes but was annoyed in Incarnation Of Money. Her last drama before taking a break was Lucky Romance in 2016.

After giving birth to a baby boy, the actor is making an acting comeback through SBS drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, reuniting her with leading man Nam Goong Min as they worked together back in 2011 in Can You Hear My Heart, where he played a second lead. He has since branched out into well-received negative roles as well as leading man characters. The drama is a typical romantic comedy where he plays an expert in love theories while she is a woman who was unlucky in love and is now a relationship counsellor. It’s basically a clash of views on love and how eventually the two fall in love, maybe by agreeing to disagree.

The supporting cast includes Choi Tae Joon (Suspicious Partner), Oh Yoon Ah (Incarnation Of Money) and Jo Dal Hwan (Doctors, Whisper). Handsome Guy and Jung Eum premieres today in the Wednesday-Thursday slot on SBS. Interestingly, Hwang Jung Eum is playing a character whose name is her original name, and she also played a character with same name as her in High Kick Through The Roof.

5 thoughts on “Hwang Jung Eum makes a comeback through ‘Handsome Guy and Jung Eum’ and reunites with Nam Goong Min

    1. snow Post author

      I didn’t watch their earlier drama together and not a great fan of either of the two. But might give it a try if it gets positive reviews.


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