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The Third Charm, the new romantic comedy for JTBC, was not in my plan list but since its promotions and knowledge of more details, I’m really excited to watch it. The drama tells the life journey of two people through 12 years and 4 seasons — spring when they are 20 years old, summer when 27, winter and autumn when they are 32. I love this addition to make a normal rom-com fresh and beautiful. Seo Kang Joon, fresh from lots of praise for Are You Human Too and Esom, who was amazing in Because This Life Is Our First, play the two leads. 12-year period means we are going to see the two actors in different looks and mood, which is also shown in the posters. They first meet as college students.

The supporting cast is strong as well with Yang Dong Geun (The Three Musketeers, Hero, Borg Mom) playing our heroine’s brother who owns a coffee truck and aspires to become a script writer. Lee Yoon Ji (The King 2 Hearts, Ex-Girlfriend Club, Dream High) plays Esom’s boss and friend who is in search of true love.

I think The Third Charm could be a charming and modern tale of love and friendship, which is totally my cup of tea. It is helmed by veteran PD Pyo Min Soo who has directed dramas like Full House (2004), The Producers (2015), The World That They Live In (2008) and Hogu’s Love (2015). The show is penned by two writers — one has written movie The Flu and the other has written drama Hwarang, movie My Dear Enemy and both have worked together in short drama series Romance Full of Life.

The Third Charm premieres today in the Friday-Saturday slot. I love the individual posters where each of them is with the other person but focus is only on one. It gives life and natural vibes to posters rather than simply posing for one, which is more mechanical.