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New Korean Dramas: March 2020

Normally every month brings new Korean dramas for us to savour but this March seems especially flooded with many drama premieres and all seem very interesting for a variety of reasons. Good thing is, there is something for everyone, if you are choosy with the genre and the actors. Best way to keep a track is to make a list and hopefully the following list would be helpful: Continue reading

JTBC brings romantic comedy ‘The Third Charm’ with Seo Kang Joon and Esom

The Third Charm, the new romantic comedy for JTBC, was not in my plan list but since its promotions and knowledge of more details, I’m really excited to watch it. The drama tells the life journey of two people through 12 years and 4 seasons — spring when they are 20 years old, summer when 27, winter and autumn when they are 32. I love this addition to make a normal Continue reading

Sci-fi comedy ‘Borg Mom’ premieres on MBC this Friday with Yang Dong Geun and Park Han Byul

Science fiction is a genre that is seen few and far between when it comes to Korean dramas. But 2017 looks like a year where it is the new ‘time-travel’ (remember 2012?). We saw Circle talking about space and now we have Borg Mom which is about a robot. It will start airing this Friday on MBC and will be a weekly offering with two back to back episodes in the schedule. Continue reading

REVIEW: Three Musketeers (2014)


For past 2-3 years, many dramas are taking their story as adaptations from novels and mostly webtoons.  Some nail it and some result in failure. Three Musketeers is an excellent example of how to take a world-famous work and blend it efficiently with historical events of Korea. The drama is a nice motley of action, adventure, heroism, bromance, humour and romance. The drama also marked my first sageuk in 2 years after dropping Gu Family Book. And it’s actually my second sageuk, the other being Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Continue reading