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OCN is a network that provides maximum dose of thrills to viewers every year. Some shows are very dark and gritty while there are some procedurals which are more fun and lighter in their vibe. The new Korean drama Player is among the latter which is about a team of four that stealsfrom those rich people who have gained wealth using illegal means. The team consists of Song Seung Heon (Black) as the leader and a talented con artist, Krystal (of pop group f(x); has acted in shows like Heirs, She’s So Lovable) as a top-notch driver, Lee Shi Un (who has an amazing comic timing; Answer Me 1997, W) as a genius hacker and Tae Won Suk (Return, Smart Prison Living) as the fighter with a cute side, which sounds like an adorable character.

The plot seems like a great ride of adventure, camaraderie and laughs. Player premieres today in the weekend slot and also has a cameo by Yoo Seung Ho (I’m Not A Robot) as a bonus. It comes from the PD of JTBC 2012 medical drama Syndrome and I’m guessing a new writer since I couldn’t find information about her previous dramas.