SBS starts October premieres with airport drama ‘Where Stars Land’ starring Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin and Lee Dong Gun

I know the drama deluge is drowning us in dramas and difficult decisions of what to start, what to skip and what to marathon later. This Monday three big networks premiered new shows — MBC brought Bad Papa, JTBC Beauty Inside and SBS premiered Where Stars Land (or Fox Bride Star). I had not written about the last one, so here is a preview, though the drama has already aired its first episode.

Where Stars Land looks totally like a romantic melodrama from its posters but it is a workplace romance with some mystery attached with it, which might make it fantasy or not, depending on how the plot unfolds. The drama stars Lee Je Hoon (Tomorrow With You) as a new employee who is hiding a secret and Chae Soo Bin (I’m Not A Robot) as a one year old employee who is prone to accidents. Lee Dong Gun (Sweet 18, Seven Day Queen, Sketch) stars as the head of the operations department and Kim Ji Soo (Hwayugi, Memory)rounds out the cast as the head of the passenger service department. The show is set in an airport, so that surely makes it different. It comes from the screenwriter of dramas like Dalja’s Spring, Gu Family Book and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. The show is helmed by the PD of Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity.

Where Stars Land has a great cast and let’s hope it delivers on the plot as well. It has taken the Monday-Tuesday slot from one of the sweetest shows I have seen, Thirty But Seventeen which also garnered top ratings throughout its run.

4 thoughts on “SBS starts October premieres with airport drama ‘Where Stars Land’ starring Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin and Lee Dong Gun

  1. Timescout

    I found the October offerings mostly kinda ‘bleh’ but this could actually be worth checking out. I’ve dropped so many dramas this year, which could perhaps be seen as a blessing. I don’t have much free time these days. My blog has also suffered as a consequence. Sigh.

  2. snow Post author

    Haha…blog suffers the most! Even if you have dropped so many, I’m sure your list of watched dramas would be longer than mine. I’ve completed only 2. I’m most excited about Hundred Millions Stars!

    1. Timescout

      Well, sometimes it feels like I have only completed about two as well. 😀

      l’ve seen the original Sora Kara and don’t really feel like watching a remake. Especially as I’m sure they’ll water it down. Even if the kdrama keeps the ending, I seriously doubt they’ll go with the reason for it.

      1. snow Post author

        True…after seeing the original, usually people don’t have interest in the remake. I agree the drama will be lighter in this case.


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