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Last week saw premieres by all major networks except one. KBS is bringing its new drama this week with Matrimonial Chaos (also, The Best Divorce/ The Greatest Divorce).  Let’s see how the final ranking turns out. The other Monday-Tuesday dramas are Bad Papa (MBC), Where Stars Land (SBS) and Beauty Inside (JTBC), with 100 Days My Prince (tvN) being an older premiere. Matrimonial Chaos has a strong lineup of cast — Cha Tae Hyun (The Producers, My Sassy Girl), Bae Doo Na (Forest Of Secrets), Lee El (Hwayugi, Goblin) and Son Suk Goo (Mother, Suits).

I really liked Cha Tae Hyun in The Producers, and have liked Lee El’s powerful acting ever since Liar Game but I’m not acquainted with Bae Doo Na’s work (but have read only high praise) or Son Suk Goo’s acting. Cha Tae Hyun and Bae Doo Na play a married couple where he plays a stubborn and no-nonsense guy while she is a laid back, positive woman. Lee El plays Cha Tae Hyun’s first love and wife to Son Suk Goo, she is a reserved person and he is unreadable and an attraction to women. The drama explores the life after marriage, a welcome in my book since we normally see the struggle before marriage, ending in happily ever-afters while in real life, the real struggle starts after marriage as it comes with its own responsibilities and challenges.

Matrimonial Chaos is based on a 2013 Japanese drama titled Saikou no Rikon. The Korean drama is being directed by the PD of Brain, My Daughter Seo Young and Unkind Ladies. It premieres today.