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Get ready for another thriller from the network specialized in the genre, OCN — this time mixed with supernatural elements. Possessed is the new drama premiering this week in the slot of Wednesdays and Thursdays, and stars Song Sae Byuk as a police detective who joins forces with a woman with psychic abilities, played by Go Joon Hee. Both of them fight crimes committed by evil spirits. At this point I’m not really sure if the drama is going to be a dark, spooky horror or it will be taking a comic route.

Song Sae Byuk is also a stage actor who has done many films but only one drama, 2018’s highly praised My Ajhussi. I have only seen Go Joon Hee in She Was Pretty and I liked her there. Possessed also stars Yeon Jung Hoon (Mask) as a businessman who is also the villain of the drama.  Jo Han Sun (The Woman Who Married Three Times) plays a surgeon with gentle nature.

Possessed is penned by the writer of movies Summer Snow (2015) and Commitment (2013). It is directed by the PD of Riders: Catch Tomorrow. The premiere date is March 6.