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Watching Her Private Life is like eating an ice cream of my favorite flavour but with toppings that I don’t like. The main attraction is of course the main couple, KIm Jae Wook and Park Min Young, and their superb chemistry and on screen romance. Everything else is boring, dull, I couldn’t-care-less material. Including the back story. I’m worried that the upcoming episode will increase the focus on Ryan’s childhood, mystery behind his pained reaction when he sees that painting, and the connection he has with Lee Seol. Well, I guessed it (and most of us) from a mile away. Plus, I’m not too happy about the childhood connection between our leads — why does dramaland always have to do that? Anyway, I just hope the show will balance all the angst with some lovey-dovey and sizzling moments between the lead pair.

Preview for Episode 13:

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