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Was It Love? has already aired 4 episodes so I’m a bit late on my first impressions. But I have good news! The drama is quite compelling with its story about a single mother trying to fulfil her dream of becoming a movie producer against all odds. Usually we have dramas with 2 male leads vying for the heroine’s affection but this show beats all, with a total of 4 men to woo the heroine!

Song Ji Hyo stars as Noh Ae Jung, a single mother who lives with daughter Ha Ni and her mother. She one day finds herself in a lot of debt due to her deceiving boss. Kim Min Joon as Koo Pa Do plays the loan shark. Somehow she gets him to agree to invest in her movie and he can take profit as the repayment of the debt. But he has two conditions  — the movie should star top actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) and the screenplay should be written by the original writer Chun Ok Man (his real name is Oh Dae Oh — a novelist who had signed contract many years ago with Ae Jung’s boss), played by Son Ho Joon. The only problem being, Ae Jung has a history with both guys. We also meet Oh Yun Woo (Koo Ja Sung), Ae Jung’s daughter’s school teacher who has a long time crush on her as they met when he was a high school student and I assume she was in college.

I like the overall tone of the show, which shifts between emotional beats and comedy. I like that Ae Jung wants to achieve her dream despite the responsibilities and hardships she has faced in life. She is resilient and determined. It’s interesting to see the past life of these characters being unfolded gradually and in a random manner, rather than by sequence. I’m not exactly rooting for any of the male leads to be the end game with the heroine, not yet. But I do love Yun Woo who is one of the sweetest guys ever. Pa Do is the gangster guy with some glimpses of good heart in him. I find him funny and hot. Dae Oh seems closest to the main lead character, as we have seen Ae Jung’s most interactions with him, past and present. He holds a grudge against her for breaking up with him without explanation but we see that he still likes her and cares for her. These two have the classic dramaland bickering relationship. Lastly, Ryu Jin. I think we still need more material to understand his dynamics with Ae Jung, other than him being her senior in college and them having a cordial relationship. But I do find it funny to seehis top star shenanigans.

Then there is the mystery angle about who is the father of Ha Ni. I love how she and her friend are trying to solve it with their cute methods. Is this going to be played like the Answer Me series? I also love Ae Jung’s scenes with her friend Sook Hee. I like Ae Jung’s family too (so warm and funny) and it’s always great to see Kim Mi Kyung (she plays Ae Jung’s mom).

Was It Love? does have the annoying cliches like Ae Jung being excessively apologetic towards fellow students’ moms in school, wrist grabs and over-the-top loan shark shenanigans. *lots of eye roll*

All in all, the drama has enough going on to make it a fun ride and I’m looking forward to how everyone’s life gets entangled and plays out.