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Touch Your Heart is all things sweet and delightful! The Goblin (2017) pair of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na won everyone’s heart in that drama and it is no surprise that their second outing was highly anticipated. The drama fulfils all our wishes by giving us a memorable couple with lots and lots of feel-good romance, in contrast to the bittersweet nature in Goblin.

Touch Your Heart is set in the legal world where Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) is an excellent lawyer in a firm run by Yun Joon Kyu (Oh Jung Se). Yoo In Na plays Oh Yoon Seo, an actress facing a career setback due to a scandal. She starts working as an intern in the law firm to gain experience for her next drama (her only chance to make a comeback) role. Of course, sparks fly!

I love that the show gives us just what we all expected before starting it — a light-hearted romance with plenty of cuteness. There are no complications in terms of misunderstandings or unnecessary meddling second leads. The whole trajectory of our leads — meeting, bickering and falling in love — is done fabulously. It’s funny, gradual and charming.

Jung Rok is a workaholic, rule-abiding person who seems like a strict person at first glance but is actually thoughtful and mature. And very sweet. It’s just that he does not have a lot of experience in love and cares for his work religiously. He is funnily very formal. It’s funny to see the character open up and try new things once he meets Yoon Seo.

Oh Yoon Seo is simply amazing! She wears her heart on her sleeve and is very sweet, cute and ebullient. I love that despite being a top actress, she is refreshingly without any tantrums or vanity that is usually this character’s trope in fiction. Also, I liked that she is determined to learn all aspects of the job she has been assigned. Plus, I loved her outfits! These two make a great pair with lots of understanding, care and respect. They made me feel giddy and their scenes were a source of a huge grin on my face constantly. Perfect chemistry!

The legal cases serve the purpose for bringing the leads together and somewhat taking the story forward but I didn’t care much about them. We have another pair, the second leads, played by Lee Sang Woo as Kim Se Won and Son Sung Yoon as Yoo Yeo Reum. Both are our hero’s friends and I’m super glad that there was no love triangle or square here. Despite Jung Rok having a college crush on Yeo Reum, he had moved on in the present timeline. And I loved Se Won! He was funny, caring and was a perfect friend to our hero despite the latter being quite reserved in nature. I enjoyed their scenes so much! I did get bored with Yeo Reum and her workplace woes but by the time the show ended, I came to like her as well.

Another pleasant highlight of the drama is the law firm and its employees. I loved Oh Jung Se’s Joon Kyu. His arc of having a celebrity crush on Yoon Seo is so hilarious and endearing. In general, Joon Kyu makes the show chucklesome. We also see his kind nature during his interactions with Jung Rok. Then there is another comic pairing of Yoon Hyuk  and Moon Hee — there scenes are full of fun and laughs. Doo Sub and Eun Ji are endearing in their mature and subtle nature. Lastly, Hae Young rounds out with her sweetness. These characters make the drama much more enjoyable and delectable. I love their rapport!

The relationship between Oh Yoon Seo and her manager and agency CEO is also endearing.

I do think after the couple confessed its feelings, as per the usual dramaland tradition, it felt kind of repetitive and lost some bit of steam, but not to the point where I got bored. Also, there is surely unnecessary noble idiocy but thankfully it lasts for a very short time.

The soundtrack is as pleasant as the drama, with many pleasing and zippy tunes. I particularly liked What If Love, Be Your Star and Make It Count.

Lee Dong Wook is perfect in the drama, showing the sincerity and maturity of the character effectively. Yoo In Na is like sunshine — so pretty, delightful and loveable. Oh Jung Se is fantastic as always. The office crew formed by Shim Hyung Tak, Park Kyung Hye, Park Ji Hwan, Jang So Yun is excellent. Lee Sang Woo is great as well!

Touch Your Heart is definitely an eye candy but also has an adorable heart, full of charming characters and a lovely lead couple. A pleasant ride indeed!

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10