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First Impressions: Was It Love?

Was It Love? has already aired 4 episodes so I’m a bit late on my first impressions. But I have good news! The drama is quite compelling with its story about a single mother trying to fulfil her dream of becoming a movie producer against all odds. Usually we have dramas with 2 male leads vying for the heroine’s affection but this show beats all, with a total of 4 men to woo the heroine! Continue reading

New Korean Dramas: July 2020

I cannot believe it’s July already! Half the year gone! This month, we again have a long list of Korean drama premieres — 9 to be exact! Without further ado, let’s have a look at them:

Continue reading

Daily drama ‘Heaven’s Promise’ starts tomorrow


Wow. This one looks like pure makjang! The newest daily drama on KBS is Heaven’s Promise and it is a revenge saga about a woman who takes up the identity of her sister. It stars Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here!) in a double role as she plays twin sisters where one of them, Na Yeon, is dating a guy (played by Seo Joon Young of Super Daddy Yeol fame) who is from poor background. But the latter breaks up his relationship Continue reading