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Mystery has always been one of my favourite genres. The suspense, thrills and plot filled with riddles make it intriguing and fun. The upcoming tvN drama Awaken seems to fit the bill — it’s about a current mysterious case which is related to a mysterious incident that occurred more than 25 years ago in a village. Rural setting and enigmatic history surely raise the interest level. Almost all the main characters are investigators of one kind or the other.

Nam Goong Min (Stove League) plays the eccentric but genius leader of a special task force of the police. Pop group AOA‘s Seolhyun (My Country) plays fellow police officer and member of this team and Lee Chung Ah (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) stars as an ex-FBI agent and criminal profiler whose childhood memories are connected to the old case as well. Nam Goong Min is reuniting with Yoon Sun Woo, who played his brother in Stove League. Here he plays a computer engineer and a hacker.

The writer attached to Awaken has previously written web dramas High-end Crush and Gogh, The Starry Night. The show starts airing from November 30 in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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