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Tell Me Your Wish is a new drama in development that centers around a hospice. It’s based on a real life organisation in Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminally ill patients. Ji Chang Wook, last seen in rom-com Lovestruck in the City, plays a man who has led a rough life through spending time in orphanage, youth detention center, and prison. He now works as a volunteer in the hospice as per a community service order.

One of my favorite idol-actresses, Sooyoung, plays a nurse who provides hope to the patients. Sung Dong Il stars as the chief of the volunteer service in the hospice.

Overall, the show looks like a human drama where we will be seeing episodic stories about the patients and the staff fulfilling their wishes. It’s giving me flashes of dramas like Chocolate and It’s Okay To Not Be Okay as both also revolved around hospitals.

Tell Me Your Wish is yet to announce its network. It will air next year. Sooyoung last appeared in 2021 shows Move To Heaven and So I Married an Anti-Fan, while Sung Dong Il was in a memorable guest appearance in Hospital Playlist 2 and Sisyphus: The Myth, with his upcoming drama being highly anticipated Jirisan with costars Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon.