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Netflix has surely made it so easy to watch Korean dramas and it has been making its own kdrama for past few years. There is a new drama coming up this week titled Extraordinary Attorney Woo. It is set in the world of lawyers.

Park Eun Bin, who is always awesome, plays titular Woo Young Woo, a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome. She has a high IQ of 164 with amazing memory and creative mind. She has always been on top during her education life and in the present, she joins a major law firm. But she is not good in social interactions and has low EQ. The actress is known for dramas like Age of Youth, Stove League and The King’s Affection.

She is joined by Kang Tae Oh (The Tale of Nokdu , Run On) who plays a thoughtful law firm employee who becomes friends with Young Woo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is written by the writer of 2019 movie Innocent Witness. The show premieres on June 29.

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