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August is here! And so is another batch of new dramas! What to watch and what to skip — the forever dilemma! Hopefully the following list helps you to find something you want to watch!

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Premiere Date: August 1

Network: tvN

Stars: Kim Min Jae (Do You Like Brahms?), Kim Hyang Gi (At Eighteen), Kim Sang Kyung (Racket Boys)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Historical, Medical

About: A well known royal family physician who gets expelled from the royal court and who subsequently ends up in a strange and beautiful village.

My Excitement Level: Low

A Model Family

Premiere Date: August 12

Network: Netflix

Stars: Jung Woo (Reply 1988), Park Hee Soon (Missing Noir M), Yoon Jin Seo (Fugitive: Plan B)

Slot: All episodes released together.

Genre: Thriller, Crime

About:  A professor who finds a vehicle with a lot of money, steals it and starts working as a drug courier in order to save his family.

My Excitement Level: Medium

If You Wish Upon Me

Premiere Date: August 10

Network: KBS

Stars: Ji Chang Wook (Healer), Sung Dong Il (Reply 1997), Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation, Run On)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Drama

About: A man who enters a hospice as part of community service and undergoes life changing experience when he starts helping patients by listening to their last wishes.

My Excitement Level: Medium

The Law Cafe/ Love By Law

Premiere Date: August 29

Network: KBS

Stars: Lee Seung Gi (Mouse), Lee Se Young (Kairos), Kim Seul Gi (Oh My Ghost)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Romance, Comedy

About: Best friends who fall in love – the guy is a former prosecutor and the woman is a former lawyer – they start a law cafe where they serve coffee as well as legal advice.

My Excitement Level: High

Good Job

Premiere Date: August 24

Network: ENA

Stars: Jung Il Woo (Sweet Munchies), Yuri (Girls’ Generation, Defendant)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

About: A rich businessman who leads a double life by also working as a detective & a woman with a cheerful personality and supervision as a superpower.

My Excitement Level: High


Premiere Date: August 26

Network: Coupang Play

Stars: Shin Ha Kyun (Beyond Evil), Won Jin Ah (She Would Never Know)

Slot: Friday

Genre: Sit-com

About: A start-up CEO and his team as they struggle through the chaotic world of start-ups.

My Excitement Level: Low

Stock Struck/ Stockstruck

Premiere Date: August 12

Network: TVING

Stars: Han Ji Eun (Bad and Crazy), Hong Jong Hyun (Mother of Mine)

Slot: Friday

Genre: Comedy, Drama

About: Five people who learn about friendship, love and life when they meet each other in a mysterious meeting for stock investors.

My Excitement Level: Low