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Business Proposal is such a delightful ride! It takes the classic rom-com tropes and clichés, and puts a fresh spin to it, resulting in laughs and amusement.


The plot is about a contract relationship between Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) — which also involves the themes of mistaken identity, blind dates and hiding the identity – all mixed together!


Served with simplicity, the drama is full of laughs and cuteness. It is fast paced and has an ebullient vibe. The drama consists of lots of classic rom-com tropes and is a perfect solution if you are missing the world of cliched-classic dramas. Because the show is self aware of those tropes and clichés, it adds to the fun.

The drama puts a fresh layer to blind date and false identity combination by making the guy and the girl, boss and employee, which I don’t think I have seen before. I love the fact that whatever harmless lies are being told, they are resolved quickly and we move to the next step of the process. Suffice to say, one singular arc does not cover the whole length of the show. Even when we keep going from one thing to another, the dynamics between the main pair remains constant but evolving.

I love shows with multiple couples. The secondary couple of hero’s best friend and heroine’s best friend is just a bundle of cuteness! I was very much invested in their story and they are simply perfect!

I love how there are no negative characters who create misunderstandings.

The drama is also very funny with hilarious situations that make you smile or laugh throughout its run.

Friendship gets a major spotlight in Business Proposal, as we see warm, candid and lovely relationship between Ha Ri and Young Seo, and Tae Moo and Sung Hoon.

The total episodes being 12 is surely a plus as the drama ends before losing complete steam.


On first impression, Kang Tae Moo is the typical arrogant, workaholic rich man. And Shin Ha Ri is the plucky, hardworking female lead. But these characters are written with multiple layers which make the drama and their characters interesting. It’s beautiful to see how Tae Moo softens as he starts falling for Ha Ri. It’s fun to see her coming up with multiple ideas to avoid getting caught. The romance here is full of cuteness, laughs and quiet romantic moments. I loved watching them fall in love.

Second leads Cha Sung Hoon and Jin Young Seo are truly charming and well written. Sung Hoon is a quiet, softhearted and understanding man whereas Young Seo is an extrovert, sassy woman. They meet by chance and it’s love at first sight for both of them. We know that but they don’t and it’s really fun to see their relationship bloom. Both couples share a lovely chemistry.


I really enjoyed the character of Tae Moo’s grandfather — he keeps watching a daily drama Be Strong Geum Soon and it’s hilarious to see it being referenced with respect to the events on the show.

Then we have Ha Ri’s office team that provides laughs and warmth at times.

There is also Ha Ri’s family but I was not too invested in their scenes. Same goes for Ha Ri’s ex-crush/ friend chef Lee Min Woo. Just listless.


The drama went into contrived and predictable territory towards the end. The show didn’t become boring but it wasn’t gipping anymore by the last stretch. Also, Tae Moo’s boasting of being rich became a little too much for my taste. Overall, Business Proposal is fun and cute but it never touched my heart or had any emotional connection for me.


Ahn Hyo Seop surprised me with his pitch perfect performance as cold on the outside, warm on the inside Tae Moo. He has good comic timing and softness to balance the coldness. Kim Se Jung is fiercely kinetic and her ebullient energy as Ha Ri is truly winsome. In few moments, I did feel some over expressiveness in her acting. Kim Min Gyu as Cha Sung Hoon provides a perfect balance to the hero with his sweet performance and Sul In Ah plays Jin Young Seo with zeal and confidence. Lee Duk Hwa is amazing.


A charming, cute, funny drama that checks so many boxes of tropes, but the self awareness and winsome characters and romance make this a delightful ride!

MY RATING: 7.5 out of 10