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I really like Kim Rae Won (Doctors, Punch). My first introduction to Korean entertainment was adorable Korean movie My Little Bride (2004) and I have liked him ever since. His latest drama The First Responders is arriving today on SBS. Son Ho Joon (Was It Love?) and Gong Seung Yun (Circle) join him in a story about joint forces of police, firefighters and paramedics who respond to various crimes, emergencies and disasters.

The First Responders stars Kim Rae Won as a legendary police officer who is completely dedicated to his job. Son Ho Joon plays a fearless firefighter and Gong Seung Yun stars as a paramedic with a warm heart.

I’m not a huge fan of episodic Kdramas but if done well with interesting cases, it might pique my interest. The First Responders is a follow up drama to well received One Dollar Lawyer in the slot of Fridays and Saturdays, though it is premiering on a Saturday. The show is penned by the writer of Investigation Couple (2018) and Cinderella And The Four Knights (2016). A second season is also planned and it will air in 2023.

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