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I’m not a huge fan of historical Korean dramas (known as sageuks) ) but I love the fusion sageuks with a mix of romance and comedy and sometimes fantasy. The Forbidden Marriage is the latest in the category and I’m waiting for it with bells on. Plot (that sounds fun), cast and only 12 episodes are reasons enough to put it in my plan list. I recently started Shooting Stars and I already have a crush on Kim Young Dae. LOL.

The Forbidden Marriage stars Kim Young Dae as the king of Joseon who is deeply affected by the death of his wife, who was a crown princess then, and as a result, he bans marriage in his nation. 7 years later, he meets a con artist, played by Park Joo Hyun, who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’s spirit. The late wife is played by Kim Min Ju (Kpop group IZ*ONE, drama Tempted). Kim Woo Suk (Voice 2) plays the member of the judiciary organ. Yang Dong Geun (Cheer Up) stars as the Minister of War.

I really liked Park Joo Hyun in A Piece Of Your Mind and she has gained popularity through dramas like Mouse and Extracurricular too. The Forbidden Marriage is based on a web novel and is adapted for screen by the same writer.

The Forbidden Marriage premieres today in the slot of Fridays and Saturdays on MBC.