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Alchemy Of Souls stole everyone’s heart when it aired a few months back. But viewers were divided when it was revealed that the main female lead, Jung So Min, won’t be appearing in the second installment of the fantasy sageuk. As for me, I was initially sad to hear the news but as we reached the conclusion of Part 1, it made sense to me as to why the female lead would change to Go Yoon Jung. It was ultimately Naksu who fell in love with Jang Uk (Lee Jae Wook) and it was her story.

Coming to part 2, Alchemy Of Souls Season 2: Light And Shadow. After initial confusion in first few scenes, the drama increasingly impressed me. And I have to say it’s bringing the original game of swoon, epicness and fun.

First things first — change of the female lead. The explanation is satisfactory, considering it’s a fantasy so it’s convenient to make rules from magic. LOL.

Naksu in her current state is absolutely adorable, Go Yoon Jung looks GORGEOUS.

I love the new dynamics between Naksu and Jang Uk. In earlier part, it was her being serious, him being playful. Now the roles are reversed and it’s lovely to watch cute, adorable, innocent and playful Naksu trying to be on good terms with Jang Uk. They have chemistry and he never fails to make me swoon. It’s a great combination of brooding and his typical sense of humour. Their new relationship of marriage of convenience — I’m excited to see it unfold and how they realise with time they are each other’s one true love.

You can feel the change in drama vibe as things have become more solemn. Jang Uk constantly fighting the bad forces, death of Mu Deok (not really), break up of Dang Gu and Cho Yun, Park Jin’s retirement, overall seriousness. But as we move forward, there are things that remain the same despite the darkness. Most importantly, the characters, though marked by bitter experiences, are same at heart. The drama does a good job in re-introducing all significant characters in first two episodes.

One of the main features of Alchemy Of Souls was its comedy and this part retains the same. We get some laughs sprinkled throughout. The show is draped in breathtaking cinematography. Simply beautiful.

First Impressions

All in all, I’m so far happy with the second part, Alchemy Of Souls Season 2: Light And Shadow.