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It seems like a weekend drama galore (after Cheongdam-dong Alice, Incarnation Of Money, You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin.) The next one on the list is Wonderful Mama, a family romance series that is about a successful business woman who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Bae Jong Ok (The World That They Live In) stars as a loan shark and self-made woman, who struggles from being a small shop owner to owning multi million won buildings. She then suffers from early onset of Alzheimer’s, and decides to make her three adult children grow up soon so that she can prepare them for life before forgetting everything. Jung Yoo Mi (Rooftop Prince) stars as her eldest daughter, who is a designer by profession and has a persona filled with traits like short temper and quick tongue. But she matures with time and turns into warm and optimistic woman. Jung Yoo Mi was about to appear in City Conquest for her next show, but as that drama is marked with uncertainty regarding its premiere, she is moving on to this as her next project.

Jung Kyeo Woon (History Of The Salaryman) is the leading man, second son of a family that is in clothing business for three generations. He lost his parents at a young age and grew up taking care of his older brother, who is hearing impaired. He is basically a responsible, caring, disciplined man: the ideal one I suppose. I haven’t seen any of Jung Kyeo Woon’s shows, except for the half first episode of that forgetful, mundane drama Hateful But Once Again, which I stumbled upon accidentally in my early drama days and it didn’t interest me enough to continue.

Lee Chung Ah (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) stars as Jung Yoo Mi’s best friend, who is a sweet, sincere, innocent girl and a walking disaster, described as a doormat type. She is disregarded by her husband and everyone takes advantage of her.

Well, the story surely sounds heartwarming and poignant, with a room for romance and light-hearted fun as well. Wonderful Mama will start airing from May, after My Love Madame Butterfly wraps up. Check out the pictures from the script reading.

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