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Finally some update on the upcoming weekend drama on SBS Goddess Of Marriage that depicts the life of four women, including their love life and careers, which are played by Nam Sang Mi (Light and Shadow), Jo Min Soo (Pieta), Lee Tae Ran(Comrades), and Jang Young Nam (Jang Ok-jung). Of course Nam Sang Mi is the main lead who plays a radio writer. Our two male leads are (there is confusion and possible future fan war over who will form the OTP) Kim Ji Hoon (Flower Boy Next Door) as a prosecutor and Lee Sang Woo (Feast of the Gods) as an architect. I have seen Lee Sang Woo in only one drama and that was 9 End 2 Outs. I remember that I found him handsome in it. But I’m totally mesmerised by Kim Ji Hoon after watching FBND, so definitely I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time round, he will get the girl. But the stills show otherwise, where we see our heroine with Lee Sang Woo. Anyways, I’m totally looking forward to this drama because I like the idea of exploring different couples and their respective marriages. I hope this show will have a light and funny beat.

The four couples are as follows:

Although it’s not crystal clear as to who will be the OTP, but Nam Sang Mi marries into a wealthy family and Kim Ji Hoon is from a wealthy background, so probably they will get married. (can’t confirm that)

Lee Tae Ran and Kim Jung Tae (Can’t Lose) form the second pair. He is the elder brother to Kim Ji Hoon and she is the sophisticated Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law.

Jo Min Soo plays a strong woman who is married to Kwon Hae Hyo (I like him so much…he was super awesome in The King Of Dramas), a kind-hearted husband and who cannot raise voice in front of his wife.
The last couple is Jang Young Nam and Jang Hyun Sung (Big), where she finds out that he is a cheater with an extra marital affair and she starts her own punishment by being a wise wife and mother. Whatever that means.

That completes the cast, and I like the overall set-up. Goddess Of Marriage will premiere on June 29 after Birth Secret wraps up. Also check out the script reading pictures, showing the entire cast. I have a feeling this will turn out to be a likable drama 🙂

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