Beautiful romantic ballad by Lena Park for ‘Heirs’ OST


It feels like yesterday when Heirs was announced (it was in April when I read the news of Lee Min Ho signing the drama penned by star writer Kim Eun Sook) and I can’t believe it is finally ending next week. The whole Heirs experience has been a mixed bag, but mostly satisfying for me. Plotwise it has nothing new to offer but its strength lies in its moments and characters. I wish it was more like a rom-com with a lighter tone but I’m satisfied more than 90 percent if not a cent percent contentment. It plays by the rules and is thoroughly entertaining with an OTP of infectious charm at its centre. I’ll keep rest of my thoughts for the detailed review I’ll be doing later after Heirs completes its run. Also, rating wise, Heirs is a hit with gaining double digit numbers in all the episodes and maximum rating reaching more than 20%. Yay.

Here is another beautiful and soothing number from the soundtrack, which is played during the romantic scenes between Tan and Eun Sang. It made great impact during that party scene when they had an innocent yet sensual encounter and I instantly fell in love with this velvety song. Later it was also used during their kiss scene as well as when Tan spent the night at Myung Soo’s room. The title of the song is My Wish and it’s sung by Lena Park. Basically a ballad, it has a gentle lightness and softness which is absolutely winsome. Serene and romantic.

My Wish By Lena Park

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