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This is amazing. When I first read that my darling Hong Sisters are planning for a new drama, Rain was among the names I added in my wishlist to star in it. Then the writers went on to court Kim Woo Bin, which was also great. Unfortunately, it will take more time till he graces our screens as the leading man in a drama as he turned down the offer citing time issues as his reason. Anyway, I’m super happy to get this news that now the drama is in talks with Rain to take up the role of the hero. I think he would look great in the zany nature of comedy the Hongs write. I’ve already witnessed his comic timing in Full House as well as Fugitive Plan B. Not to mention that I can’t wait to see him again in something energetic and light after the gigantic disappointment that was his last show My Lovely Girl, which was as dull as ditch water. I do think that the two artists are very different to be considered for the same role, but then that’s what acting is all about, right? You have to know how to act variety of characters.

Other updates for the drama include the name change where Warm And Cozy has replaced initial Jejudo Gatsby. I have no problem with it and I’m in a minority here but I like that they have dropped the reference and are going for something which is warm just from its title! Kang So Ra is still considering the heroine role. One more good news is that Eom Ki Joon (Dream High) has been courted, who I dearly love. I think he has the quality of chameleon in terms of acting. He is just that great in any kind of role — positive, negative, comedy, emotional. Lee Sung Jae (Gu Family Book) is another name added in the cast.

Warm And Cozy is about people who leave the busy city life and move to the beautiful, serene Jeju Island. Rain’s character will be that of a restaurant owner and he needs to learn cooking skills for this role. The drama will be helmed by the PD of Best Love and plans to air from May on MBC and follows Angry Mom.