Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young pair up for SBS legal thriller ‘Remember’


I haven’t got a chance to watch any Yoo Seung Ho (I Miss You) drama yet but I’ve read so much praise about the actor that I’m really interested in his upcoming work. This, and his decision to join the military service so early when he was receiving popularity is something I find really admirable (And he looks so CUTE!). Hence, when news came that he has been confirmed for upcoming SBS thriller about lawyers, titled Remember, I marked my calendar to give it a try. The drama will star Park Min Young opposite him and I reacted with a smile to this as I have always liked her ever since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, then City Hunter and recently in Healer where she was simply sparkling.

Remember is about a genius lawyer who has hyperthymesia, a condition in which the person has an excessive detailed memory. When his father gets framed in a conspiracy and gets a death sentence, he sets out to clear his name. But the problem is that he will also start to lose his memory and thus begins his race against time and loss of memory before it’s too late to save his father. Park Min Young will star as another lawyer who is also our hero’s friend since they were kids. She is about to quit the world of law when she comes to know about his father’s case and helps him with it. I have to admit that her role sounds like what she had in A New Leaf. Plus, the whole thing related to memory. I hope Remember is a lot better than that show which I couldn’t complete. Park Sung Woong (Hidden Identity) costars as a lawyer who is resourceful and tough and he also gets mixed up in this case.

I like the plot which looks promising to pack nail-biting tension and well, I always love well done courtroom thrillers. And the cast is also the highlight. Remember comes from the writing of film The Attorney  which received many awards and acclaim — another plus. The PD helmed shows like Birth of a Beauty and My Love, Madame Butterfly. It is slated to follow Village: Secret of Achiara and premieres in December.

9 thoughts on “Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young pair up for SBS legal thriller ‘Remember’

  1. Kay

    So excited for this! I usually don’t do legal anything dramas, but I won’t miss this one. I love Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young to pieces.

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen Yoo Seung Ho! He is adorable. He’s like this twisted boyish villain in I Miss You, which is my second favorite drama ever. Super angsty drama though. He’s great in Operation Proposal, but I wouldn’t recommend that drama. His movies Clue/4th Period Mystery and Blind were decent. The other roles I have seen him in are sageuks.

    I just see cute when I picture him and Park Min Young. But I’m hoping for intensity and a dash of angst mixed in with that cute in Remember 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…I can never watch I Miss You. I know you love it but I’ve heard it’s very sad and full of tears and all….I do want to see Arang And The Magistrate though. It’s on my plan list. Thanks for all the recommendations 🙂
      Yes…I so want cute with these two! They both are so bubbly and CUTE! 😉

      1. Kay

        Lol, now this is just me, but I really only found episodes 3-6 particularly sad. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun were so cute that they overrode the sad in the first couple episodes. Then when Park Yoo Chun takes over, his character is light and fun throughout the drama (of course, with a dash of angst mixed in). So most of the drama is more on the angsty side. But I know a lot of people found it really sad. I had read so many reviews like that that I was downright afraid when I started it lol. To my surprise, I fell in love 🙂 Since you seem to really prefer romcoms, it probably is a bit heavy/sad though 🙂

        And Yoo Seung Ho is cute in Arang, although sadly, I think there were a few too many of his “Heaven” scenes…they were a tad repetitive. And it certainly didn’t showcase his acting ability. But overall, Arang is a fun a drama.

        1. snow Post author

          Ah maybe you’re right…I should go for Arang as it is fun. It helps that I love Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah, so it will be super easy for me to start that one… 🙂

          1. Kay

            Oh yes, my favorite actor and actress in the same drama is what made Arang so fun 🙂 I actually saw Yoo Seung Ho in Arang first, and then I didn’t even recognize him until he had been in about 4 episodes of I Miss You lol

  2. apqaria

    I never saw Yoo Seung Ho in a drama as well (only watched his movie “Blind” in which he didn’t leave much of an impression on me) but I am also curious about him seeing all the love for him and the anticipation for his come back.
    So although I am not that much into the plot but I will keep an eye on this and see how it turns out.

    1. snow Post author

      Yay…finally there is someone who is on same boat (with respect to YSH) as me 🙂
      If you remove the whole memory thing, it’s a simple story that has been done a lot of times where someone fights a case to save another…let’s hope the drama will give a good performance.


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