Yoo In Young and Daniel Henney join ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

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I really like Yoo In Young. She has been continuously playing strong supporting roles and even if the role is not written well, she adds a lot to make them interesting and stand out. You From Another Star, Mask, Three Musketeers, Oh My Venus and now she has joined revenge melodrama Goodbye Mr. Black — that is especially a good news as the drama was in some trouble a few months back as it could not lock a network for broadcast. Another star to join is hot and handsome Daniel Henney, who last worked in dramaland for action-thriller Fugitive Plan B which came in 2010.

Goodbye Mr Black stars Lee Jin Wook as the man who goes for a revenge mission as he got betrayed by his friend. Moon Chae Won plays a woman who helps him by posing as his wife and also heals him emotionally. Kim Kang Woo plays that friend and Yoo In Young will play his wife as well as Lee Jin Wook’s first love. Daniel Henney will take up the role of a financial adviser of a firm who is a benefactor to Moo Chae Won’s character — yes, the role which screams poor second lead who is a really good guy but never gets the girl. Song Jae Rim stars as a publisher. I’m really enjoying this ensemble cast and characters. I do wonder where Song Jae Rim’s role fits in. As a bonus, I’m getting a fake marriage trope which I LOVE.

On an additional note, Lee Jin Wook and Yoo In Young worked together in Three Musketeers as lovers-turned-enemies and in that show, he had a marriage of convenience as well. Wow. That’s a nice coincidence.

Goodbye Mr. Black will premiere in March on MBC.


5 thoughts on “Yoo In Young and Daniel Henney join ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’

  1. Timescout

    This could be very good… or a hot mess. 😀

    I like revenge dramas (Count of Monte Christo is one of my all time faves stores) but there have been very few really good ones in recent years. Resurrection is my “measuring stick” for kdrama revenge, not many that made it even close.

    1. snow Post author

      Oh I’ve heard so many good things about Resurrection…I should add it in my plan-to-watch list 🙂
      I really hope Goodbye Mr Black is good…at least for now, it looks promising!

      1. Timescout

        Resurrection is very good indeed. It has a great ensamble cast and UTW at his finest. 😉 It’s a fiew episodes too long, the overall plot could have done with some pruning, so there is a bit of a drag in the middle. It ends up with a bang though. The leading lady spends a lot of time crying, which may annoy some but thankfully she is not a totally wet blanket. There are plenty of interesting characters to compensate for that though.^^

        The first couple of episodes are setup and the (revenge) story proper gets going somewhere around… ep 5-6? Dang, can’t really remeber, it’s been a few years since my last re-watch.

        1. snow Post author

          Thanks for this mini review Timescout! Sounds like an intriguing show…and yay for a satisfying ending! I really feel afraid of bad endings in case of melodramas…especially if they are revenge sagas 😉

          1. Timescout

            You are welcome! 🙂 I can’t help but to pimp a bit some of my all time faves.

            Well, I could say something more about the ending but that would be a spoiler and Resurrection is too good a drama to spoil.^^ I found the ending satisfying and pretty much the only way it could end, considering.

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