‘Duel’ with Jung Jae Young hits the airwaves this week on OCN

Well, mentioning the genre for an OCN drama is totally redundant. The network is known for producing slick, dark, gritty thriller shows and the latest one to join the bunch is Duel. The drama stars Jung Jae Young in the lead role, an actor who mostly does movies. In fact, his first drama came in 2015, Assembly, in such a long acting career. Solid actor in the main role always feels exciting.

Duel is a mix of thriller and science fiction elements as it will be about human clones. With just premiered Circle and now this drama, looks like sci-fi is becoming dramaland’s next favorite genre.

Duel stars Jung Jae Young as a detective whose daughter disappears and it will be his quest to search her. Somehow this incidence is related to human clones, good and bad, played by Yang Se Jong (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Saimdang Light’s Diary). Kim Jung Eun (Make A Woman Cry, I Am Legend) plays an ambitious prosecutor.

Duel is written by the writer of Coffee House who also co-wrote Nine, Queen In Hyun’s Man. So we can look forward to nail-biting moments and thrills. Duel premieres on June 3 as the next Saturday-Sunday drama on OCN.

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