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OCN, the go-to channel for the lovers of dark thrillers, has been branching out recently and adding romance and comedy in its repertoire. Longing Heart (also My First Love) is the latest to join for the same and is a time travelling love story. I have to admit, the title sounds very generic and lacklustre but the plot has some fresh spin to it. Lee Jung Shin (of Kpop band CNBLUE and in dramas like My Sassy Girl and Cinderella And The Four Knights ) plays a math teacher who finds a portal to travel back in time when he was in high school. Lee Yeol Eum was his first love but he could not make their love story end happily. So this time he is determined to correct his past. Yes, we have seen a lot of shows where the hero or heroine goes back in time to change the fate of their love but this time we will see a different actor play the high school counterpart, Seo Ji Hoon (School 2017). Thus, the present male lead will help the past one to succeed this time. I think this will be first time when female lead Lee Yeol Eum is playing the central character, previously acting in shows like High School King Of Savvy and Village: Secret Of Achiara. She plays usually very bratty and immature kind of roles but in Longing Heart, her character sounds more lovable and beautiful. It will be interesting to see her take.

Longing Heart is helmed by the PD of Ugly Alert and Her Lovely Heels while it’s written by a new writer. Based on a webtoon, the show was originally planned to be broadcast on SBS Plus. It is fully pre-produced and plans to have 8 episodes in total. It starts airing from 8 January in the Monday-Tuesday slot.