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‘Rich Man Poor Woman’ gets a Korean remake

Rich Man Poor Woman (2012) is the first and only Japanese drama that I have seen and I loved it a lot despite not liking some aspects of it. The main reason is of course the leads — Oguri Shun perfectly nailed the role of an eccentric and genius IT firm CEO and cute with capital C Ishihara Satomi as his efficient assistant. The show was different despite the generic sounding title (it can’t get more literal than this, Continue reading

Intriguing ‘Mistress’ premieres on OCN this weekend

Another remake is on its way this week after the premiere of Suits on KBS. Mistress is coming up on OCN and it’s based on 2008 British series Mistresses, a story revolving around four female friends. The show also had an American remake by the same name and now we will see the plot set in Korea and will have a mystery-thriller angle Continue reading

The female leads of ‘Suits’

It’s mostly leading men Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik that are being seen in the promotions of Suits and for a good reason that they form the main story of the Korean remake of popular American TV show of the same name. But having seen some seasons of the original, I can say that the female characters are certainly strong and interesting. In my last post, I talked mostly about the male leads and now this post will be all about the female cast. Continue reading

The men look debonair in ‘Suits’ posters and stills

One thing that we notice straight away in American TV show Suits is how stylish, smart and debonair the men look and the upcoming Korean remake does not disappoint in that area. Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Shik play the two main

Continue reading