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As much as I found recently concluded drama Was It Love mediocre, I really loved the two songs from its soundtrack — breezy Dreams and emotional Still. Even if I didn’t have a whale of a time while watching the drama, these songs certainly contributed in adding positive points to the show.

Dreams by Lee Ba Da

The song caught my attention the very first time I heard it. It tells about feeling like a dream when your loved one is near. The starting music of the track feels a bit like that of Goblin and The King: Eternal Monarch, but then forms an identity of its own. It is breezy, soft and soothing. It is played during a lot of instances, especially during flashback scenes, which forms a major part of Was It Love. The tune gradually builds pace and has an encouraging tone.

Still by Sondia

I love ballads and this track fits that category to a tee. The song is a romantic one, filled with words describing love. It is very soothing, melodious and I especially love the chorus, as it fills you up with so many feels. My current ‘on loop’ song! It is played during emotional interactions of the main leads.

(Credit to the uploader)