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Hospital Playlist warmed everyone’s heart with its sweet and emotional story last year. The show is coming back tomorrow on tvN as well as Netflix with its season 2. I’m super excited! The drama has a unique fusion of medical and slice-of-life genres. The show comes from the PD-writer team of Reply series (Answer Me series) and in the same lines, it simply touches your heart and makes you fall in love with its characters and relationships. I highly recommend Hospital Playlist. You can read my detailed review here.

Hospital Playlist basically revolves around five friends who are all doctors in the same hospital.  Jo Jung Suk (Two Cops) plays a hepatobiliary surgeon who is a single father and has a great sense of humour, Yoo Yeon Seok (Mr. Sunshine) plays a sweet pediatric surgeon, Jung Kyung Ho (Life on Mars) plays a cardiothoracic surgeon who is a bit short tempered but mature, Jeon Mi Do (she is a stage and musical actress) plays a mature and thoughtful neurosurgeon and Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng) stars as an introvert obstetrician and gynecologist. We see their professional and personal lives and relationships. Music was an important part of first season and I’m looking forward to more beautiful nostalgia-filled songs and band sessions!

Last season left us with many questions. [SPOILERS] What happens to Ik Joon and Song Hwa as he confessed his feelings to her? What’s in store for Jung Won who wanted to become a priest but was secretly in love with Gyeo Wool who had a long time crush on him? Then there is Suk Hyung. We saw the return of his ex-wife when he receives a call from her. I so want him to have a love line with Min Ha — they will be perfect ‘opposites attract’ couple! Then finally Joon Wan. Let’s see where his relationship with Ik Soon goes as they are now a long distance couple. [SPOILERS END]

Hospital Playlist 2 will have a total of 12 episodes and will air on Thursdays, one episode every week!