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July is bringing comparatively less number of drama premieres — 5 to be exact. And most of the buzzed titles are from tvN. Well, a breathing space is necessary when we see new dramas everywhere and keep on missing on so many titles because — so little time, so many dramas!

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Premiere Date: July 23

Network: Netflix

Stars: Jeon Ji Hyun (My Love From The Star), Park Byung Eun (Oh My Baby)

Slot: Single episode

Genre: Historical, Horror

About: It’s a spin-off to Kingdom and is about the origin of the resurrection plant and the mystery behind Ashin’s identity.

Thoughts: I haven’t seen the previous acclaimed Kingdom installments — it is in my planlist but I couldn’t pick it up due to various reasons. Anyway, this one is a spin-off which basically explains story of a character introduced in season 2. Jeon Ji Hyun adds another feather in this drama’s cap in terms of anticipation and powerhouse acting.

The Devil Judge

Premiere Date: July 3

Network: tvN

Stars: Ji Sung (Doctor John), Kim Min Jung (Mr. Sunshine), Jin Young (He Is Psychometric), Park Gyu Young (Sweet Home)

Slot: Saturdays & Sundays

Genre: Legal, Dystopia, Mystery

About: A dystopian world where courtrooms broadcast their trials live for the whole world to see.

Thoughts: Ji Sung plays the titular judge and it looks like an interesting role for him and surely that fits his style of acting. I’m intrigued by the premise and we don’t really see dystopian shows in Korean dramaland. The initial reviews are positive too.

You Are My Spring

Premiere Date: July 5

Network: tvN

Stars: Seo Hyun Jin (Black Dog), Kim Dong Wook (Find Me in Your Memory), Yoon Park (The Package), Nam Gyu Ri (Kairos)

Slot: Mondays & Tuesdays

Genre: Romance, Drama

About: The residents of a building, their life, healing and relationships.

Thoughts: I like the cast and I caught a few minutes of the first episode and it looks quite darker than I expected. But I’m reading good initial reviews. Looks like a serious take on the mix of drama, romance and healing.

Red Shoes

Premiere Date: July 5

Network: KBS

Stars: Choi Myung Gil (Punch), So Yi Hyun (Who Are You), Park Yoon Jae (Indomitable Daughters-in-Law)

Slot: Monday to Friday

Genre: Melodrama

About: A daughter who tries to seek revenge against her cold-hearted mother who left her family in order to find her first love and success.

Thoughts: This one is a daily drama. I think these kinds of revenge melodramas are extremely over the top but they are also addicting and fun. This one surely has a strong lead cast.

The Witch’s Diner

Premiere Date: July 16

Network: TVING

Stars: Song Ji Hyo (Was It Love?), Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner), Chae Jong Hyup (Nevertheless)

Slot: Fridays

Genre: Fantasy

About: A restaurant that is run by a witch who grants wishes to the customers but also takes something in return.

Thoughts: This one is a webdrama that only has 8 episodes! Definitely a small commitment. The premise sounds somewhat similar to Mystic Pop Up Bar. I do like Nam Ji Hyun a lot and I think for once, the fantasy premise won’t be including romance. It’s based on a 2016 novel.