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Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 9

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has completed half distance of its run and the ratings, popularity and praise does not seem to stop any soon. I want to marathon all the available episodes as soon as possible so that I can also gush over it! The drama is based on a Continue reading

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min to do a guest appearance in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’

Hearts in my eyes!

I LOVED Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min in Because This Life Is Our First — their chemistry was just off the charts. And hence, my happy dance on hearing that the duo will be making a guest appearance on currently airing hit Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (or Why Secretary Kim), the ratings for which just keep on increasing week after week. I have only seen Continue reading

Preview for ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Episode 3

I just started What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (also, Why Secretary Kim) so it’s too early for me to gauge a first impression (had to put it on hold for some other work) but I liked what I saw in few minutes into the show. I got some idea about the characters, though the dynamics I still have to observe. The drama garnered good ratings in its premiere week on tvN — 5.8% and 5.4% for first and second episode respectively (source). Planning to marathon the first 2 episodes very soon and get on the live bandwagon. Continue reading

Bubbly workplace rom-com ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ premieres this Wednesday with Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young

I’m totally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the upcoming tvN romantic comedy What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (also, Why Secretary Kim). It has got perfect rom-com leads in Park Seo Joon (Witch’s Romance. She Was Pretty, Fight My Way) and Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Healer) who have Continue reading