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First script reading for tvN’s ‘Boyfriend’ starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum

Boyfriend is definitely one of the most anticipated dramas this year. It stars two of the most popular stars of dramaverse and their respective comebacks after 2 years. Song Hye Kyo did megahit Descendants Of The Sun and Park Bo Gum also gave a hit, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds in 2016. He is the reason I’m most excited for as he totally won my heart in shows like Answer Me 1988 , I Remember You and the above mentioned sageuk. I like Song Hye Kyo a lot, just not a huge fan. Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are getting married!

We keep hearing breaking news left and right. Some are related to film and television world and this one surely takes the cake! As unexpected as seeing a fifth ace in a deck of cards. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are getting married! They met on the sets Continue reading

Song Joong Ki officially discharged from military and attends script reading for ‘Descended from the Sun’


Yay! He’s back! After serving his mandatory military service, Song Joong Ki got officially discharged this week and looks like he in no mood to rest as he attended script reading session for his comeback drama Descended From The Sun just a few days later. It’s great that he chose a drama as his comeback project as most of the actors go for movies before coming back to small screen. Song Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo confirmed to star together in KBS drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’

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Descended From The Sun is one of the most high profile dramas of 2015. It is because the show is being penned by star writer Kim Eun Seok who has Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Diginity and Heirs under her belt and if we go back a little, then she has also written Lovers In Prague, Lovers In Paris, City Hall and On Air. One thing is common in these shows — all were superhits and created popular trends among the viewers, you Continue reading