Revenge melodrama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ premieres today


It’s funny the way I’m dropping dramas left and right, especially after saying positive things about them. Case in point — Descendants Of The Sun and Come Back Ajusshi. I liked the premiere week for both with some minor complaints but in the second week, I found myself complaining a lot about the former and found my interest equal to zero to proceed. As for the latter, I was only enjoying the comedy but everything else was meh. Also, I wasn’t with the basic idea of the story that the two leads were not independent characters who got possessed. Anyway, both were Wednesday-Thursday shows and now the third competitor is coming in the form of revenge melodrama Goodbye Mr. Black. As far as ratings are concerned, Descendants Of The Sun is the clear winner with expectations of getting over 30% number and I don’t know how the status will shake up with this new entry.

I was super excited for Goodbye Mr. Black right from the beginning. The story is about a man who gets betrayed by his friend and then he comes back for revenge. Pretty generic but with a promise of being intriguing and addicting if done well. The show stars Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, Kim Kang Woo, Yoo In Young and Song Jae Rim. I like the cast and premise with an added interest in the fake marriage trope (I’m a sucker for these!).

I have mixed feelings for the writer of Goodbye Mr. Black — I really liked Last Scandal, and have heard nice things about Can You Hear My Heart but I Miss You didn’t earn positive reviews. Anyway, the drama will premiere tonight on MBC. The posters are very dull and boring but we have seen enough examples in dramaland to not judge a book by its cover.

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15 thoughts on “Revenge melodrama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ premieres today

  1. Timescout

    Yup, the posters are horribly uninspiring, I could do a better job, LOL! But, as you said, posters aren’t necessarily the best clues for what’s to come.

    The premise is why I’m intersted in this one too and I did like both Last Scandal and Can You Hear My Heart a lot, so I’m tentatively optimistic. We’ll see, I suppose.

    1. snow Post author

      I haven’t seen Can You Hear My Heart…I think I should add it in my plan-to-watch list.
      Yes…let’s see how GMB turns out…hopefully good 🙂

      1. Timescout

        Watched both episodes and unfortunaterly wasn’t impressed much. Lot’s of things that didn’t quite work but I decided to give it a few more epis to see if things improve.

          1. Timescout

            Well, I watched up till ep 4 and still not impressed. The directing is… well, not very good and it’s uncommonly badly edited. I liked some things, e.g. Moon Chae Won but it’s not enough to keep me watching. Dropped.

          2. snow Post author

            I watched ep 1 and yes…you’re so right! I found the ep very patchy and direction was weird…KKW was good though.. Editing is very bad indeed

  2. coffeenlucia

    I’m keeping my expectations low to not be disappointed. I’m just slightly worried for Moon Chae Won’s role– it seems more like a supporting I’m-just-a-love-interest-to-the-lead than I’m-a-lead role, which is a shame, because I love her acting…

    Will also be checking this out for Kim Kang Woo. He’s impressed me with Missing Noir M.

    1. snow Post author

      I hope she is more than just a love interest…she has played pretty strong characters in the hopefully, this one is also good and weighty.
      I’ll add Missing Noir M on my list of dramas I need to watch…which keeps on increasing!

    2. Blue

      I don’t really understand what to think either, because…

      Will he really give up his love of 18 years (Ma-Ri) for Kayah? I doubt so unless Ma-Ri ends up betraying him and marrying his “best friend” who is also in love with her and tried to get the girl behind his back…

      So it looks like Kayah will be the lead role but in a “I’m the male lead’s fan” kind of way, so as you already felt it may not look like a real “lead role”.

  3. Mitta

    Promising cast and same as you I like the fake marriage trope. Still watching Dots but not as enamoured over it like I thought I would be 😯

    1. snow Post author

      I never had very high expectations with DOTS as the writer hasn’t impressed me much. Good that you are enjoying it at least.
      Yay for another fan of fake marriage trope…haha

      1. Mitta

        Just watched ep 7 today and it’s the best so far, focused more on the rescue efforts and touching on life and death issues, tough decisions and showing the different sides to all the characters. Still love SJK!

  4. Blue

    Lee Jin Wook is so growing on me, I’m scratching my head wondering why I overlooked him. Then again Nine was the 1st show I saw him in and I really didn’t like the show for some reason. Kim Kang-Woo…. just can’t do no wrong in my eyes LOL he’s amazing. The girl who played in Mask is freaking awesome!

    As Mitta said this is a promising cast, so much so that even the ajusshis of the shows are actors I truly love when it comes to acting. DANG!!! I’ve just finished the 2nd epsiode. Freaking amazed!! I hoooope this still going to be as good and action-oriented as it is. I don’t like “action only” dramas, but action mixed with crime/thriller (aka a story) and romance, that’s just the perfect recipe for me.

    BTW Missing You is one of my favorite dramas LOL!!!! Maybe you didn’t enjoy it? Not everyone did but I cried sooo freaking much watching this LOL!

    And I’ve dropped both dramas as well, DoTS is higly overrated and I still don’t understand the fascination but then again the public decides. And I was still surprised in the few episodes I saw there was almost no life in Urk (like 10-15 inhabitants max?), it was quite unnatural to me to have so many doctors and soldiers and so few people to assist. As for Come Back Ajusshi I agree it was really not all that.

  5. snow Post author

    Hahahah…glad to hear that you’re enjoying GMB. I’m going to start it today as I was busy with exams these past two weeks.
    I haven’t seen Missing You…..just read that it’s not good and too weepy.
    That’s a good point about Urk…hahaha…even if the country is under crisis…where are the citizens…it looks such an abdoned place. Overrated it definitely is.
    High five for dropping both shows… 😉
    I have only seen one drama of LJW — Three Musketeers and absolutely loved him there…


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