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I have been a bit busy from past few weeks and so I couldn’t write about two dramas that I’m really interested in watching and nearly forgot about them till I realised they are both premiering today. Memory on tvN and Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi on JTBC. Let’s start with Memory. It stars Lee Sung Min! Need I say more. I love him and this is his reunion with tvN after Misaeng, so expectations are bound to be high to get another gem. Anyway, the drama is about a lawyer who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and while he is fighting one last case, he also understands the value of life and family in the process. The plot sounds a bit like Remember — War Of The Sun, but I’m sure this one is more emotional and poignant as compared to the thrilling aspect of the latter. Costars are Kim Ji Soo (One Warm Word) and Park Jin Hee (The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry). It’s made by the PD-writer team of acclaimed shows like Resurrection and The Devil.

Next drama to hit the airwaves today is Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi for JTBC. It stars Yoon Sang Hyun (he was amazing in Secret Garden and I Hear Your Voice) and Lee Yo Won (Empire Of Gold) in the lead roles. It is a romantic comedy about two opposite personalities — he is timid and cool while she is extremely short-tempered. It’s a workplace drama as well as both are colleagues at a cosmetic company with her being the head of marketing and him being a manager. I like that the show has reversed the usual dynamics of hero playing the boss and heroine being the assistant. And they have swapped the personalities as well. I like the actors and the premise is standard but originality is not the main factor for us getting attracted to rom-coms in the first place. The show is directed by the PD of Orange Marmalade and Bad Guy. It’s refreshing to see Lee Yo Won doing something light and fun after serious dramas like Empire Of Gold, 49 Days and Horse Doctor.

I think both the shows are as different as day and night. One looks serious and sensitive while the other looks funny and quirky. I’m interested in checking out both. They have an added appeal of being broadcast on cable channels.

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